How to Delete Game Pigeon on iPhone

how do you delete game pigeon

The Game Pigeon app is developed by Vitalli Zlotskii mobile gaming company. You and your friends and colleagues play game by using the iPhone messaging app. The Game Pigeon imessaging apps allow the 6 members to use this app. But you need to enable the Family app sharing feature of the Game Pigeon app feature.

The Game Pigeon app are supporting the iPhone and iPad devices. You can play the games like chess, basketball, mini-golf, basketball and other 23 games with help of the Game Pigeon app on your iPhone and iPad devices.

If you want to uninstall the game pigeon app on your iPhone and iPad because of you don’t want to use the Game pigeon app on your iPhone mobile device.

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to delete game pigeon from iPhone and iPad device.

1How to uninstall game pigeon iPhone

If are facing an issue how to get rid of game pigeon or how to remove game pigeon app from iPhone and iPad. You can follow the below instructions to uninstall or delete game pigeon from iPhone smartphones.

1. Firstly, Take your iPhone and open the imessage app.
2. Now, you need to click any imessage which you received on your iPhone inbox.

3. You need to select imessage which received by other users instead of a simple message.

4. Select you GamePigeon app which will available in front of your camera icon.

5. If your Game Pigeon app icon not visible on your iPhone screen. You need to swipe the icon left side that appear at your iPhone bottom screen.

6. Select the More icon and search or find the Game Pigeon app under the More Apps sections.

7. Select the Game Pigeon app and swipe the app to left side on your iPhone.

8. You need to hit the delete button for uninstalling the Game Pigeon app from iMessage application on your iPhone mobile phones.

After successfully uninstall Game Pigeon app on your iPhone, then the game pigeon app icon is not visible under the more apps section and iPhone screen. You can follow the same steps to delete game pigeon application from a iPad device.