usb drive format on mac

You can carry your back files and data with help of the USB drives. You can format a usb drive to erase the existing data and set up with a new file system. A file system format will tell to drive how to read, write and execute data in your USB drive.

You find many times your USB flash drive is not opening dues to incompatible files system format. if you want to access your USB drives on your mac system. You need to format a flash drive on mac by using files system.

If you are facing any issues formatting thumb drive on mac or don’t know how to format USB on mac or how to format USB key or stick on mac. You need to follow below-given instruction step by step to format a USB on mac.

How to format a USB drive on mac?

1. First, you need to insert your USB drive or USB stick or usb pen drive on your mac computer.

2. After recognizing your usb flash drive, a usb disk icon will appear on your mac desktop or laptop.

3. You need to click on the search icon on your mac system and type the disk utility on the search box. A search result will appear on your mac system’s display. Click on the Disk Utility.

4. After that, Disk utility window will appear on your mac screen. Now, you need to select the USB Disk option which will be shown on the left side of the window.

usb drive format on mac

5. After that, click on the Erase icon or button which will be shown in the same window.

6. After clicking on the Erase, an Erase window dialogue box will appear on the screen. If you want to change your USB drive name, then you can write there.

format usb disk on mac

7. You need to select the format types before erasing data from your pen drive or usb drive disk. A list of format option will be given such as OS X Extentded(Journaled), OS X Extentded (Case-senstive, Journaled ), OS X Extentded (Journaled, Encrypted), OS X Extentded(Case-senstive, Journaled, Encrypted), MS-DOS FAT and ExFAT.

8. Choose your disk formatting type and click on the Erase button.

9. After that, you will be shown Erasing USB disk and creating usb disk progress on your screen. You need to wait for completing the process of erasing data. After complete this process, you need to click on Done button.

10. Now, your USB drive disk formatted.