how to read a smart electric meter

Nowadays, smart meter takes the place instead of the traditional electric meters. You can keep your electricity uses on your eyes via electric smart meters and pay a bill or top-up without any hassle.

For example, The boost power UK is using smart meters. The electric smart meter reading statements are always accurate and based on the uses of the electricity at your home or office.

If you are using smart meters in Uk, then you don’t need to send the electricity reading to your electricity company provider. You can easily check your electricity daily uses on your smart meter.

Note: You need to check once with your electricity provider about this. But, according to boost power uk, there’s no need to send the reading if you are using the smart meters.

How to read a smart electric meter?

If you are a new user of the smart electric meter and facing problems during the reading or don’t know how to get a meter reading from a smart meter. Follow the below instructions to read the smart meter electricity uses readings.

How to take readings from Smart electricity meters on a standard tariff?

The smart meters come with numerical keypads. You can use the keypad to read the meter statements.

Steps to get the readings from the electricity smart meter:

1. Press on the 9 on your smart electric meter keypad.
2. After that, you will see the IMP KWH series on your smart meter screen.
3. 8 letter digits kWH (e.g. 0003214.5) will appear on your smart meter display. The first 7 digits are the latest reading. You can compare with your last reading and get the actual electricity uses.

How to take the reading of smart meters on Economy 7?

You want to see your off-peak and daytime uses of the electricity. You can follow the below instructions to get the separate readings.

1. Press on the 6 on your electric smart meter keypad.
2. You will see the BOOST VARIABLE followed by ACT RATE.
3. You will see the IMP R01 followed by 8 digits for the nighttime peak hours reading
4. You will see IMP R02 followed by 8 digit letters for the daytime peak hours readings.

How to read the gas smart meter?

Follow the below steps to read the gas smart meter readings:

1. Press on the 9 on your gas smart meter readings.
2. After that, Volume will be shown on your gas meter screen.
3. You will see 6 digits unit on your gas smart meter screen that is followed by the m3 symbol.
4. The first 5 digits are your latest gas uses readings. You can compare with your last reading and get the latest gas uses.

How to check the electricity uses by using the In-Home Display?

If you are the users of the smart PAYG+, then you can see the reading by using the My boost on boost power official website or boost app.