how to reset a coby tv

Coby televisions lauched by Coby Electronics Corporation. Coby tv is a low budget television. If you are a coby tv user and facing the problems such as coby tv won’t turn on or pictures is not coming properly on tv screen. You can reset your coby tv factory settings by defaults.

If you don’t know how to reset coby tv. Follow the below-given instructions step by step for resetting the Coby tv factory settings by default.

How to reset a Coby tv factory settings by default?

You can follow below steps to reset your coby tv and resolved or fixed the coby tv issues.

1. Turn on your coby tv.

2. Open Menu on your coby tv display by using your tv remote control or coby tv panel.

3. A menu will appear on your tv screen, A Settings option will show top-right of your menu screen. Select the Settings icon option by using your tv remote control arrow keys and press on the OK button to open the Settings menu on your tv screen.

4. Settings menu will appear on your tv screen. Now, you need to select the reset to default option to set your tv settings to the factory default.

Note: Menu option availability is dependent on the TV’s current input source mode. Options that are grayed out are not selectable from the current mode.