How to download apps for nabi tablet

How to download apps for nabi tablet

Nabi tablet has the app zone. App Zone is a kids friendly app store where you can get and download the learning apps, games, entertainment apps on your nabi tablet.

How to browse and searching app on Nabi tablet?

In Nabi tablet app zone, you can download the app in many different methods. For example, you can browse your app to featured Apps categories where you can browse the latest app in the App zone store.

You can also search the app category wise, Lear, read and many more category at the top of your nabi tablet app store.

You can also use the search bar option (which will appear on the top-right corner of your nabi tablet app store) for searching your specific app, games on nabi app store.

How to download apps on nabi tablet

You can purchase apps on the nabi tablet and download on your nabi tablets.

Purchase and download the app on Nabi tablets:

Nabi tablet’s app zone allows you to purchase an app and install on your tablets. You need to select your app and tap on the price button to see the price of the app. After that, you need to enter your parental credentials to completer the process.

How to find the downloading app on Nabi tablet

After completion of the download and installation app on your Nabi tablet. Your app will be shown on All Apps screen in Daddy/Mommy mode.

If you want to app your app on the home screen on Nabi tablet, then you need to tap on your app and hold it. Now drop it on your open folder and selected folder where you want to keep.