how to reset ionic factory settings

Fitbit ionic is a next level smartwatch. You can check your heart rate and health insights on fitbit ionic smartwatches. You can also check the on-screen workout and play the music and many more.

If your fitbit ionic smartwatch is not working properly, then you can reset your fitbit ionic strap to resove the problems.

If you don’t sure how to how to factory reset fitbit ionic by defaults. You need to follow the below steps and instructions to hard reset fitbit ionic or reset fitbit ionic by using the app menu.

How to reset Fitbit ionic?

You can use your settings app on your Fitbit ionic device for resetting the fitbit ionic factory settings by defaults. You need to follow the below steps to reset the ionic smart watch.

1. You need to open the Settings.

2. After that, select the About.

3. Now, you need to select the factory reset or clear user data to erase all stored data on your wearable device.

How to hard reset Fitbit ionic factory settings?

If you are unable to access the settings app on your fitbit ionic device, then you can use the hard reset method for resetting the factory settings of Fitbit ionic device.

1. You need to hold all three button at a time until your Fitbit ionic device reboot or restart.

2. After some time, you will see a Fitbit logo on your device display. You need to go on the bottom right button.

3. You need to wait some time until you feel a strong vibration. You need to wait some time longer than the usual time to wipe data from the device.