How to setup dolphin emulator memory card

If you want to play your favorite GameCube and other game on your Mac computer or Android devices without using any other external storage devices such as discs and memory cards. You can use the dolphin emulator for playing the games.

If your computer doesn’t have any memory port for your dolphin memory card then you can use your computer’s internal memory.

If you don’t know how to setup dolphin emulator memory card. You can follow and read this tutorial for setup dolphin emulator.

Follow the steps to setup dolphin emulator memory card on your computer

  1. Download the Dolphin Emulator apps on your systems.
  2. After that, if Dolphin Emulator apps downloading process completed, then you can click on the Dolphin Emulator application icon and launch your app.
  3. After that,  Dolphin Emulator application window open on your computer. Click on the Tool tab and select the Memcard Manager (GS) option.
  4. Click on the Browse Button for finding your folder which you want to use as a dolphin emulator’s memory card.
  5. After that, click on the OK button.
  6. if you are facing some problems in your selection then you can repeat all the above steps for setup dolphin emulator memory card.

You can use the same process for setup dolphin emulator memory card on your android device and we give a download link on step 1 where you can download dolphin emulator memory card apps for your android device or computer.