100 Web with Appealing Design Tools for Creative Entrepreneurs

Design tools

Using the right design tools is one way to help us attract people’s attention through visuals.

Because basically as we know that humans tend to be more interested in visual things.

People who work, whether as a designer in the agency, freelancer and entrepreneur though would need and use the appropriate design tools and varied to complete the work.

But sometimes we find it difficult to find and use the right design tools of all search results that appear on Google.

This article will present a variety of tools that will help you creative entrepreneurs to maximize visual images.

Let’s talk about it!

Using the Right Design Tools to Improve Visual Quality

This article was inspired by someone who contributed to Forbes, Tomas Laurinavicius.

Tomas himself is a co-founder of a startup, he also designs magazines as well as works with several businesses and entrepreneurs.

He has tried many tools (up to hundreds of tools) to help him in maximizing the visual images he created.

Not only that, tools that are tried can also help in communicating, prototyping, designing, editing photos, copywriting, etc.

Here is a list he suggests for creative entrepreneurs.

Web Lists with Interesting Design Tools

  1. Typography

  • Fontface Ninja (Free) – identifying cool fonts on the page you’re browsing.
  • Google Fonts (Free) – find and use high quality fonts for your project.
  • Adobe Typekit  (Paid) – use premium and you will get access to various fonts.
  • Fontstruct  (Free) – an online tool for creating fonts, you can share and download fonts you create.
  • Font Squirrel  (Free) – one of the largest databases to get fonts for free.
  • Type light  (Free) – a highly functional font editor.
  • What Font is  (Free) – What Font lets you identify the font you’re looking for.
  • 1001 Fonts  (Free) – database of nearly 15,000 different fonts.
  • Flame Font  (Free) – a tool for comparing font types.
  • Typecast  (Free) – You can create visual and semantic design.
  1. Stock Photos

  • Unsplash  (Free) – 10 new photos every 10 days.
  • FoodiesFeed  (Free) – You will get free food photos.
  • Free Refe Photos  (Free) – a great list for pictures. Most landscape and nature photos.
  • Little Visuals  (Free) – contains high resolution landscape and building photos.
  • Freeography  (Free) – a great database for getting free photos.
  • Death to the Stock Photo  (Free) – Free stock photos to be emailed to you every month.
  • Superfamous  (Free) – a huge collection of nature with a wider-angle shot.
  • The Pattern Library  (Free) – contains a large number of patterns and textures.
  • New Old Stock  (Free) – vintage photo from public archive.
  • Pexels  (Free) – an average stock photo database you can use.
  1. Stock Graph

  • Brusheezy  (Free) – brushes, pattern, free texture for Photoshop.
  • Iconfinder  (Free) – search engine for free icons.
  • The ispot  ( paid ) – premium illustrations from top artists.
  • Illustrio  (Paid) – large library for image.
  • Round Icons  (Paid) – the world’s largest provider of iconic bundles.
  • Brushez  (Free) – contains a large collection of Photoshop brushes
  • Vecteezy  (Free) – You can find many kinds of icons and great illustrations in this web.
  • Webalys  (Paid) – premium icon from Vincent le Moign.
  • Font Bundles  (Paid) – a place where you can find premium fonts and bundle fonts.
  • GraphickStock  (Free) – high quality royalty and illustration photos of unlimited number.

  1. Infographics

  • Vizualize.me (Free) – create your infographic or conclusions.
  • Canva  (Free) – simple tool design to create what you want.
  • Easel.ly  (Free) – contains infographic templates and conclusions.
  • Infogr.am  (Free) – an online tool for infographics and interactive charts.
  • Visage  (Free) – Simple tool design to create visual content.
  • Gliffy  (Free) – an online diagraming tool.
  • Vism  (Free) – online presentation and infographic tool with various templates and graphics (over 1000!)
  • Piktochart  (Free) – infographic design to create high quality graphics.
  • Draw.io  (Free) – an online tool for creating flow charts, process diagrams and network diagrams.
  • Venngage  (Free) – infographic creator tool with ease
  1. Collaboration

  • GoVisually  (Paid) – one of the top tools for collecting feedback from clients related to your project.
  • TrackDuck  (Paid) – people can leave feedback on the website or image file.
  • Lingo  (Free) – with Lingo, you can build and share libraries of visual assets.
  • Red Pen  (Paid) – drag and drop design, not only that, you can also get feedback from your friends.
  • Bounce  (Free) – the most practical way to share your ideas on any website.
  • Usersnap  (Paid) – a tool that can help you in taking screenshots on the web page and provide information.
  • InVision  (Paid) – You can create prototyping, collaboration and platform workflows.
  • Marqueed  (Free) – markup and discuss images online. Useful for Photoshop.
  • Zeplin  (Free) – a collaborative app for developers and UI designers on an interface.
  • Cage  (Free) – a good dashboard for collaboration between teams and clients.
  1. Color

  • Color Hunt  (Free) – a collection of beautiful colors.
  • TinEye  (Free) – specify your colors and find your pictures with perfect color combinations.
  • ColorZilla  (Free) – the perfect extension to choose the color of a web page.
  • Adobe Color CC  (Free) – generates and stores various color schemes.
  • Coolors  (Free) – a color generator for your design.
  • Colicious  (Free) – You simply press the space bar and this tool will instantly generate color.
  • Paletton  (Free) – Tool to create color combinations.
  • Pictaculous  (Free) – produces color palettes from PNG, JPG and GIF.
  • Hex Color Tool  (Free) – a tool for selecting colors.
  • (Un) clrd  (Free) – a borwser extension that will change the color of every website to black and white.
  1. Inspiration

  • Dribbble  – the largest community for designers and the places where they work.
  • Muzli  – daily design inspiration.
  • Awwwards  – a website where you can vote for the best work from designers from all over the world.
  • Design You Trust  – bog design and a great community where people can share about current trends, news, portfolio, fashion design, and creative ads.
  • Really Good Emails  – contains an interesting collection of email designs.
  • Fubiz  – One of the most popular creative publications that keep up with the latest creative news.
  • Pinterest Designspiration  – board to get high quality design.
  • Behance  – find the best portfolio online from professional people.
  • Mobile Patterns  – a collection of iOS and Android screenshots to inspire.
  • One Page Love  – a gallery featuring the best site page.
  1. Prototyping 

  • Sketch  (Paid) – the perfect tool for UI and UX design. But it can only be used with Mac.
  • Napkin  (Free) – application to quickly design products from IPhone.
  • Proto.io  (Paid) – a prototype tool for mobile that allows you to create full interaction.
  • Axure  (Paid) – You can quickly design prototypes from your computer and sharenya.
  • Balsamiq  (Paid) – Wireframing and mockup tools with a high focus on their usability.
  • Weld  (Free) – Draw your website online, to your liking.
  • POP  (Paid) – helps you to transfer original ideas on paper into a real prototype.
  • Flinto  (Paid) – an interactive prototype sketch of a static image.
  • HTML5 UP  (Free) – a responsive and customizable HTML5 template
  • Moqups  (Paid) – HTML5 web-based app for creating wireframes, UI designs, prototypes, and mockups.
  1. Graphical Editor

  • Photoshop  (Paid) – one of the best tools in the industry. Suitable for improving photo quality, design, and 3D artwork.
  • Illustrator  (Paid) – to build a beautiful vector art.
  • DAZ 3D  (Free) – to create realistic human and animal in 3D.
  • Gimp  (Free) – an open source editor for image editing and retouching.
  • Blender  (Free) – Open source in creating 3D.
  • Affinity  (Paid) – a tool for editing photos. Only for Mac.
  • Aviary  (Free) – a mobile app for photo editing on Android / iOS and the Web.
  • Pixlr  (Free) – an online photo editor.
  • DrawPlus  (Paid) – You can create logos, drawings and designs, at sensible prices.
  • BeFunky  (Free) – a simple online photo editing tool used.
  1. Logo Design

  • Squarespace Logo  (Paid) – creates a logo with drag and drop.
  • Free Logo Maker  (Free) – Create a logo with simple material icons are flat (not arise).
  • DesignMantic  (Free) – enter the company name, select your industry, and will eventually produce a logo for you.
  • Logogénie  (Paid) – Logo Genie makes logo design for you with ease and fun!
  • Logotype Maker  (Free) – will randomly generate a logo type for your company.
  • Logo Garden  (Paid) – an online logo making machine with hundreds of fonts and icons.
  • Logoshi  (Paid) – a sketchy image with indiscriminate, but you will get a modern logo.
  • Logaster  (Paid) – generator and logo maker online.
  • Logo Maker  (Paid) – generate hundreds of potential logos and you modify them online.
  • Tailor Brands  (Paid) – a tool for creating logos quickly and easily custom.