What does ue mean on lg washer

The washer attempts to balance the load by using the uE/UE codes. This could be due to the washer not being properly leveled or the washer itself. This code does not require a technician to resolve.

The uE/UE indicator will display on the screen. When it displays, the unit will be filled with water to agitate the items and then drain to try to spin once more. After three attempts to balance the unit, the uE changes to UE. This means that the unit was incapable of rebalancing the load and needs assistance.

We recommend that you run a SPIN with nothing in your drum to determine if your unit is functioning correctly.

Without load, run rinse and spin.

  1. Completely empty the drum.
  2. Power The unit is on.
  3. Choose the RINSE and SPIN cycle.
  4. Click to start. This will take approximately 20 minutes.

Load Type and Distribution:

SMALL LOAD: Due to the drum’s size, small loads won’t distribute evenly around it. This can cause an uneven spin. To balance the load, you can add items or decrease the spin speed.

BULKY, SINGLE ITEMS: Pillows and rugs can cause unbalanced loads because they are concentrated in one part of the drum. To balance the load, you can add some items.

LARGE ITEMS. If you have large items such as blankets or bed sheets, it is possible that they are tangled and cause an unbalanced load. To even out the weight distribution, you can manually distribute the load. You may also need to decrease the spin speed.

Selected Washing Cycles

Some cycles require less water for both the rinse and wash stages. Because clothes are not evenly distributed in water, they may clump together or become tangly. Unbalanced loads can occur in these situations.

If you are using COTTON/NORMAL, HEAVY-DUTY or COTTON/NORMAL cycles, the FABRIC SOFTENER option will make the jet spray rinse a DEEP ROI. This will improve the distribution of the load and reduce vibrations during spin.

Additional options to avoid unbalanced loads are

  1. Reduce the spin speed
  2. You might try a different cycle like “PERM/CASUAL”, which requires more water and a deeper tub rinse to ensure that the load is evenly distributed in the drum.

If the UE is detected, it indicates that the unit cannot rebalance its load by itself and requires assistance. MANUALLY DISTRIBUTE THE LOADER.

NOTE : The unit may be louder or vibrating more when the drum speeds up at the start of the spincycle , or when it slows down at its end. This is not a sign of an issue with your unit. This SPIN cycle is determines if a repair service should be performed.