lock and unlock

The Emerson Thermostat is a digital thermostat. You can easily install at your home by following the easy steps.

If you want to lock your Emerson thermostat settings to keep off to changes unwanted users or children. You can use the lock and unlock feature of the Emerson thermostat.

How to lock Emerson thermostat?

You can use the below instructions to lock your Emerson thermostat.

1. You need to press and hold the menu and upper arrow button for 3 seconds.

emerson hold the buttons for lock and unlock

2. After holding the buttons, you will see a lock icon on your Emerson thermostat.

3. Now, you will press any button on your thermostat, it is not working and responding.

How to unlock Emerson Thermostat?

If your Emerson thermostat locked by someone, You can follow the below easy steps to unlock the Emerson thermostat.

1. If you will see a lock icon on your thermostat display. Press the menu and upper arrow buttons, hold it both buttons for 3 seconds.

2. After that, you will see the lock icon disappear from the screen.

3. Now, you can press any button to test.