How to reset Fitbit Charge to Factory Settings

fitbit charge band reset button

You are facing many issues on your Fitbit charge fitness band. You can use the factory rest of your Fibit charge 2, 3 and 4 fitness band for resolving the problems.

If you are a new user of Fitbit charge fitness band and don’t know how to reset fitness charge 3 to factory settings. Follow the below-given instructions for resetting Fitbit hr charge or Fitbit 2 charge or Fitbit 3 charge and other models of Fitbit band.

How do you reset a Fitbit charge to factory settings by default?

1. Take your Fitbit charge and connect with the USB port.

2. Press on the button on your fitness band tracker. A button will be given on your fitness band. You need to hold your tracker button for 3 to 5 second.

fitbit charge band reset button

3. During the holding of the button, ALT and a white flash will be shown on your Fitbit fitness band display.

4. Again press and hold the button until you will not feel a vibration.

5. Again hold button. Now, you will see an Error message on your display.

6. You need to press your tracker button and hold it until you will see an Erase message on your screen.

7. Now, remove your button and your Fitbit charge band will be turned off.

8. When you will restart your fitness band. You will see your all factory settings reset by default. It will be showing “0:00” on your fitbit charge fitness tracker display.