How to install an Instagram app on Ubuntu

How to install an Instagram app on Ubuntu

If you have the Ramme Instagram app and you want to install Ramme Instagram app on your Ubuntu desktop.

You can read this tutorial and follow the below steps for installing the Instagram app on Ubuntu PC.

Follow the steps to install an Instagram App on Ubuntu

  1. Open your Ubuntu system’s terminal.
  2. You need to check your Ubuntu system configuration (32 bit or 64 bit) before installing Ramme Instagram app in Ubuntu Desktop. You can check your Ubuntu system config by using the below command,
    uname -m
  3. If you don’t have any repository file of Ramme Instagram App for the 32-bit system . You can use the below commands for downloading the repository file from GitHub. If below URL link is not working, then you can download to visit this link.wget -O ramme.deb
  4. Your system is not 32 bit. You can download the repository file for 64 bit by using the below command from Github.wget -O ramme.deb
  5. You can install Ramme Instagram app on Ubuntu by using below commandsudo dpkg -i ramme.deb
  6.  If You want to install the program’s dependencies. Follow the below command.sudo apt-get install -f
  7. If you want to no longer use an Instagram desktop app on Ubuntu. Follow the below command to uninstall Instagram app in Ubuntu PC.sudo apt-get remove ramme