Chromebook 11 C771 Acer is fast and has a robust housing

acer chromebook 11 c771

The new Chromebook 11 C771 by Acer is fast and has a robust housing, allowing you to perform demanding tasks and withstand eventual falls.

When you want a handheld device like a Chromebook, the choice between performance and ruggedness is often one of the most important features: you can get a durable machine or fast hardware, but rarely both on the same device. That’s why Acer believes it may have achieved the goal of bringing both features together in its new Chromebook 11 C771.

The Chromebook 11 C771, which theoretically combines a sturdy body with better processing power than usual. The system is the first 11.6-inch Chromebook that integrates two Intel sixth-generation processors, which promise a substantial improvement in power and speed over rivals as well as a battery life that skirts 13 hours on a model without touch screen.

While the basic model comes with a 1.6 GHz Celeron processor, in September the most powerful models will be launched with Intel Core i3 and i5 processors that should perform much more demanding web tasks.

As for durability, Acer promises that the Chromebook 11 C771 can survive up to 132 pounds of strength when it closes, so it should not crack if you squeeze a lot in the backpack if you fall from a not very high height, Like a desk. It also meets military standards for splash resistance, dust resistance and water resistance, so do not panic if you spill your drink or coffee on the device.

Acer is targeting the Chromebook 11 C771 business to business executives and college students. With respect to sales prices, the new Chromebook 11 C771 is expected to be around US $ 280 and US $ 330, for the version with the Celeron processor and the type of screen, regular or Touch, the equipment should be available in August In its most basic version and in September with the i3 and i5 versions, so it is better to wait for the more powerful versions to hit the market.

The big question is: what will be the price of the variants Core i3 and i5? They should not be too expensive on a system like this, but they may be harder to sell if they are closer to the price of a Windows laptop.