How to run virus scan on Samsung Smart TV

samsung tv virus scan

Nowadays, malware and virus attacks increase in the technology era. Samsung provides the builtin virus scan feature in the Samsung OLED TV. You can use the Samsung built-in antivirus to scan the viruses and malware on your Samsung smart tv.

Samsung tv virus scan is most important to remove the virus from tv and your Samsung tv running smoothly.

Follow the below instructions on how to scan the Samsung smart tv to prevent the virus and malware by using the built-in Samsung tv virus scanner.

How to run a virus scan on Samsung smart tv

Follow the below steps to check the virus from your Samsung tv to prevent it.

1. Take your Samsung smart tv remote control and press on the middle button.

samsung tv remote

2. A menu dialogue box will appear on your smart tv’s display, Select the General option.

can you get a virus on your smart tv

3. After that, select the Smart Security option.

smasung tv smart security feature

4. Select the Scan option for scanning the virus from your Samsung smart tv.

samsung tv virus scan

samsung tv virus scanning

5. After complete of Samsung tv virus scan, scanning result will be shown on your smart tv’s screen.

samsung tv virus scan result