Google Pixel Buds

The recently announced Google Pixel Buds wireless headset, Pixel Buds is capable of instant translation. You do not need to hesitate to contact a foreign customer on this. Google Pixel Buds, which understands the full 40 languages, will be useful not only for day-to-day users but also fo

Google Pixels Buds is user-friendly in terms of functionality. Simply touch the right ear for translation; then it is possible to say a sentence in the name of translation and to hear what is desired. It is also possible that you are able to speak fluently with yours. The headset, which completes the flip in a few seconds, allows you to get the right results as fast as you can.

Google Pixel Buds- Up to 24 hours battery life

Google Pixel Buds, who has already managed to catch a big audience with his ability to translate, does not pass the battery life. According to the information provided, Google’s new headset will offer up to 24 hours of battery life. However, this is possible with the box that came with the headset. The rechargeable case turns the earpiece into a charger for a much longer period without wearing a prize.

r real estate consultants who want to open up to different markets at the same time.

Short demo, the audience is enchanted

Google, which is organizing a new conference to announce its new products, has performed a demonstration of Pixel Buds at this time. The giant company, which shows the translators between English and Swedish, proved that simultaneous translation can take place within seconds. The desired translation can be obtained only in 2 seconds after the words for which translation is desired are spoken.

The headset, which will make it easier to communicate with foreign-speaking customers in business, will only work on smartphones with an Android operating system. In addition, the price of a headset, which will allow you to use services like Google Now with a small command, is priced at $ 159. The headset, which will be sold in major countries, can be purchased in Novembe