Google launches new website with free resources for startups

Google offers many tools and solutions for startups and companies, which facilitate the dynamics in its different stages.

To make it easier for entrepreneurs to access these resources, Google launched a new website that brings together all the tools designed for startups, called Startup with Google .

The site has different sections to filter the information you are looking for. You can look for tools that will serve you in different facets of your endeavor, for example, to increase productivity, launch a product, optimize a website, connect with customers, etc.

There is also a new section of Good Practices, to lead a team, raise funds, hire the right people, among others. And for those who look for mentoring programs or see options on startup accelerators, they will find a list of proposals organized or supported by Google.

Each of the programs has different requirements, so they will have to review each of them. Google also has campus and technology centers, as well as events that take place during the year. All the information will be found in this new Google site, with explanations and corresponding links that will direct them to the origin platforms.